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Astral Sleep hails from Finland, Tellus. The group has wreaked havoc on the metal genre since 2005. Astral Sleep's music fuses various musical styles into an unique entity dubbed "Astral Doom Musick": The boundaries of different sub-genres of Doom are ripped apart, mingled with pieces of jazz, psych-rock, noise, and various styles of metal, and sown back together into the monstrosities that they are. Astral Sleep's mission is finding eternal bliss in the world on its inevitable trajectory towards Doom.

Astral Sleep offers magnificent shows on stage, deploying various levels of visual counterparts to the musick. 20 years of ensemble playing together forms the core of this group, and the live playing is all about a singular entity performing the other-worldly rites in beautiful synchrony and harmony.

Astral Sleep's current line-up consists of professional and experienced musicians with significant background in both active live playing, and studio work:

Markus Heinonen, vocals and guitars. Professional musician and audio engineer with 7 years of work experience and over 200 recorded albums in the portfolio. 25 years of experience in multiple bands, including Church of the Dead, Satan's Fall, Kausalgia, Stone Ship, Night of Suicide and more, and hundreds of live shows.

Jaakko Oksanen, bass. Educated, professional musician, with 25 years of experience in bands, professional recording and over 100 live shows with bands, such as Vesperith, Reveries End, and Valoton/Sightless.

Jiri Pyörälä: drums. Over 20 years experience in band playing, dozens of gigs and several recorded albums as permanent and session drummer with multiple bands, e.g. The Paladin, and Night of Suicide.

Santeri Kangasmetsä, guitars. Newest addition to the line-up, Santeri has played both bass and guitars in several bands for 13 years. Currently with Chaotic Sanity, and Lunar Witch, and previously with Primary Target. Several recorded albums and dozens of gigs in the sleeve.

Rolle Heinonen, synth. One of the founding members of the band, and the original lead guitarist.

For Fans Of: YOB, Crowbar, Pallbearer, Solitude Aeturnus, David Lynch, Nobuo Uematsu


Listen to Astral Sleep top songs

Past gigs:

- Kauksurock 2005

- Heavy Corner 2009 w/ Saattue & Colosseum

- Lepakkomies 2009 w/ Colosseum

- Lepakkomies 2010 w/ Evercircling Wolves
- Lepakkomies 2011 w/ Night of Suicide, Seal of Beleth, Rainroom

- Vastavirta 2011 w/ Ghost Voyage

- YO-talo 2011 w/ Rainroom, Garden of Worm, Skepticism

- Bar Escape 2011 w/ Saattue

- Saarni Fest I 2017 w/ Bloody Heathen, Alabama Kush & The Wandering Midget

- Maanalainen 2019 w/ Atom Works & The Fërtility Cült

- Hard Rock House 2021 w/ Desert Lord

- Saarniklubi 2023 w/ Lunar Witch

- Rock Bear 2023, w/ Ciminero & Spiritus Mortis

~4000 followers in social media

30 000+ streams in streaming services

​Sold albums:

Direct album sales of 1000+ copies in total

Astral Sleep Discography

With Astral Doom Musick (Saarni Records 2020), Astral Sleep established their accurate genre definition as the album's namesake. From there, the band has continued to evolve within these musical terms. The album has earned great recognition among the media (see below some examples).

We Are Already Living In The End Of Times (Saarni Records 2023) took a direction towards more Doom and Gloom, less Astral and Magical. The new album’s gargantuan soundscape resonates the immensity of the apocalypse portrayed. Beneath the waves of crushing guitars, drums pound and bass churns, like volcanoes that erupt under oceans, and above glide the ethereal lead guitars and synths, as the powerful vocals shatter the skies and tremble the earth.

PUOLI pieniAstralSleep_albumart_2022_final (kopio) 2.jpeg
We Are Already Living In The End of Times (2022)

Full length (CD+VINYL)

Saarni Records

"Led by vocals and intertwining layers of guitar-bred misery, Astral Sleep's fourth album broods and mourns our present circumstances. The band's brand of psychedelic doom completely sidesteps most others in this genre, opting for a dreamlike atmosphere that's both crushing and imaginative."

--Ted Nubel, Invisible Oranges


"We Are Already Living in the End of Times‘ never feels cheaply defeatist or absurdist in its long walk but rather focused on seriously parsing its thoughts and enchanting the listener with a strong set of fairly original extreme/psychedelic doom hymnals along their path." "A high recommendation." 80/100

Astral Doom Musick (2020)

Full length (VINYL)

Saarni Records

“Astral Sleep are at their most refined on this third full-length"
"Astral Sleep are magnificent, and this is their greatest triumph."
"Astral Doom Musick, is a solid slab of psychedelic doom"

Subconsciousnesslesskoe (2015)
EP (Digital)
Unawakening (2008)
Full length (CD)
Solitude Productions

Unawakening in

"Unawakening is truly original. It is dark, gloomy and a bit creepy, sometimes psychedelic, always disturbing"

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